Willie Inspiring, He Willie is Willie Inspiring

Hey, from the paste great waste towards I have been embraced.... Would you like something a little more down the middle? Hillary&Trump sucks? Didn't think so. So, fuck the politics. Fuck daPotus? SmokeAbowlWithoutNotice... Pay attention to the little places, the details you say. The snicker from a grunted schluff you have been sent home because of twice-both times=Ass Whipped. Thanks Cunt granny wrinkled lips. Ever heard of Elders? They take a bit of shit from the little bastards. You should have just said you wanted this pecker. I'd uh persh-ee-ate-tud it more with that sense of truth, yo.  Beggers be little in the brain of a skittle, but let not the drain scare you from the dream of the hand mouth sugar scheme got a buck fuck the police 6 levels deep. Oh shit, Dad? Please answer or move... Call 911...fuck 1991's Summer Luck!