Droppin' In To Drop In Again

We at Sex Drugs Central seek to find you right where you are. We will leave no turn un-stoned and there is no high way enough to keep us from dropp'n in to drop in again. From eye to ear through danger and fear, Sex, Drugs, & Bluegrass keeps it real. Be The Scene! Begin by being seen with our garments and a dream. Pik-n-grin; do it again.  Share a song of sorrow with a seed- for morrow may come and momentum must be harvested one Om all the time.  Basically, you show up dressed to impress, with a song on your chest, and share your best.(as good as it's ever been) Now, you are the scene.

Yes, we "yuck it up" here at Sex Drugs Central as often as we can. If having fun in life while taking care of bidness isn't in your sight, then welcome to the Now of the rest of your life. Are you listening for music that feeds your soul while you are free to play with the Lightness and Darkness always present? We have music for you to listen to! Roots and Relevance; Everytime!  

Stay tuned for our first Sex, Drugs, & Bluegrass "mix-tape" Our mixtapes are gonna be strictly and without weary waver whatever we want them to be. That means we're cooking up a concept and implementing a plan NOW. If you feel like you have something to offer a project that will showcase songs and performances from people who make things happen, by all means reach out with a solution and we'll see where it fits in this aural concoction. 

I'm heading to the printer to see our new design on thread. Hats are there as well. Stickers will be back soon and Koozies too!  

Oocha Choocha Coomaracha Ah Wah Oooo,

El' Capitan